Photospheres & Duck Hunting

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If this new plugin for my blog works then right above my text should be a photosphere of where Marc & I tried to duck hunt today. A photosphere is a pretty cool panorama like thingie that is a part of the stock android camera. It is a panorama that does a °360 wrap photo. I like it because every now and then it is nice to be able to show an complete rather than just taking a photo of one spot.

For example, today I wanted to show Eric, who I usually go duck hunting with, exactly how much water this spot had around it. You don’t know this but the banks of the river that Marc and I were hunting today are usually about 10′ in front of us and, while I have heard the area floods during the Spring, I have never personally seen water outside of the river. It was all around us today. Basically Marc and I were hunting in a swamp. A great place for Wood ducks, unfortunately just not today. So we’ll see if this wordpress plugin allows me to embed photosphers or not. If it does then you can see the swamp we were walking through at 5:30 this morning.

Thankfully we should have cold weather soon, which will push Mallards down from Canada and I will be able hunt at my personal favorite spot. Right now that spot is under 24″ of water. Hopefully that will change soon and I will be able to start going there. The photo at the top of my post is that spot and I am looking forward to using it.

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