2014 Terrell Family Christmas Photocard & Newsletter

Christmas Card 2014 copyIt is Christmas eve and the boys (a.k.a. our grown young men) are now in their rooms, because even though they are grown we still like to put gifts out for the morning. Pam, I, and the bassets are about to go to our room for the evening. The house is about to be quite for a few hours. Before we do go upstairs and the lights in all the bedrooms slowly go out I thought I would post the 2014 Terrell Family Christmas card and newsletter.

The card that we sent out this year is to the left and here’s the Terrell family Christmas newsletter, if you would like to read it.


If you didn’t receive one don’t worry you are still loved. It probably means that it is still in the mail (mailed Monday evening) or we haven’t received one from you in a few years. Social media seems to have taken the place of so much of what used to go into the Christmas newsletter.

Anyhow, I hope you have a most blessed Christmas and that in the midst of hundreds of TV shows, movies, and people saying “this is what Christmas is really all about” and then saying different things that is is “actually all about” you have a moment or two to reflect on the One Who Christmas really is supposed to be all about.  Merry Christmas.

You can see some of the previous cards here.

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