My Longest Blogging Break Ever?

Well this has been my longest break in blogging since I began in 2005. It wasn’t purposeful. I’ve had things I have wanted to write about, so that wasn’t the problem either. The biggest problem is that most of the things I have wanted to write about have been long and drawn out in their nature. I am not a fan of blogs that are consistently long winded, so I try not constantly write long posts for my blog either. One long blog post a week is okay, in my opinion. The rest of the time I like the posts to be medium or small in their length. So recently everything I have wanted to blog about have been long winded subjects. Thus I have several very long drafts that I guess I will post eventually.

Anyhow I am going to being posting again.

Right now I thought I would post one simple change that I noticed today. When we started Tapestry we would joke about the fact that our two lowest attendance Sundays of the year were the immediate Sunday around Christmas and Easter Sunday. This is, of course, the exact opposite of every other church in the nation. This is why some joke about C&E Christians (people who only come to church on Christmas & Easter), joke which I personally think are stupid, but that is another post and I am keeping this post from being too long.

Anyhow the reason for the low Christmas and Easter attendance at Tapestry was and is that Tapestry has a very young population of “threads.” Since so many “threads” are young they tend to be the ones to travel back home to see family. Thus Tapestry is scattered all over on this holidays that are consider family  as well as religious holidays. Thus our Tenebrae gathering usually has much greater attendance than our Easter gathering.

Well we still have a lot of youngin’s making up Tapestry, but they have attracted others who aren’t quite as young. This is awesome. It also means that Easter and Christmas are no longer super small in attendance. It is really weird having a crowd of people on Easter. I am not sure that I am used to it yet, but I like it.

Sorry. I know it is a pretty crummy picture. I blame my phone’s camera app … not its operator.


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