Want to Raise Money for Clean Water? Run With Us.

I have run a few races as a part of Team World Vision raising money for clean water. Two weeks ago I ran the Eau Claire half marathon and saw that they had a large group of people running as a part of Team World Vision. I talked with one of the leaders and became convinced that we could do the same in Stevens Point. So I have decided to start looking for people who would be interested in starting this up and making it a thing in the Point area. We happen to have a wonderful half marathon in Stevens Point every year, the Justiceworks Just Run half marathon and 5k. The Just Run already supports a great agency, how much better would it be if we ran in such a way provided clean water for others? I think it would be a great thing and want to see about getting some others to join me.

So here’s my plan.

  • Try to get 7 other people to do this thing with me. Talking with the Eau Claire group they said that 8 people was enough to get the whole thing started and growing for the next year.
  • Register for the Justiceworks Just Run halfmarathon for September 5th at 8 am (that’s the Saturday of the Labor Day weekend and the Jazzfest) – Right now it is the early bird special rate of $50.
  • Get people to buy a Team World Vision jersey. I have my old one but I think I am going to buy another one because it is a little big for me now. It fit over my gorilla suit when I ran the Bock Run in March.
  • Start Saturday group runs June 13th, twelve weeks before the race. We’ll train as we want, individually or with others, during the week and then have group runs on Saturday where we all meet up to begin and meet afterward for coffee or lunch.
  • Start raising money for clean water.
  • Run the race and celebrate.

I’ve done this once before and it was a lot of fun running a race where people recognized the shirt you were wearing and cheered you on based just off what they knew the jersey represented. I think it would be real cool to turn this into a thing in Stevens Point. Anyone with me?

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