31 Days/2 – Mystery Gifter

Not to beat a dead horse but I am only going to mention gifts this time because it happened again today. For sometime now Pam and I have had a mystery gifter at church. I know that mystery gifter isn’t really a title but I don’t know what else to call this person. Tapestry doesn’t “pass the plate” for offerings. We really don’t make a big deal about money because we don’t really need a lot of money to do what we believe God has called us to do. So contributing to the church via our online mechanism is mentioned in our church bulletin and we have a small offering box on the back table just in case someone prefers to give cash or a check.

For a while now someone, or several someones, have been putting random gifts in the offering box for Pam and me. They have generally been small but very meaingful gifts. Little things that say that this person or persons knows us. Pam has received a “Mr. Darcy” keychain & library socks and I have received a two “widow’s mite” coins and a bumper sticker that I had mentioned to some people that I thought was fun. I will admit that I have felt a little weird about these being put in the offering box but that’s just really me being stupid (you see I have some hangups about a few “pastoral” things). Still I have very much appreciated each of the gifts, and I know Pam has as well.

That person, or persons, has struck again. Today I was surprised with an audiobook. C.S. Lewis at War, which is a dramatic audio concerning Lewis’s wartime BBC readings that eventually became Mere Christianity. I don’t know who to thank but I sure do hope that whoever gave me this knows that I appreciate it greatly. Whoever you are thank you. Your gift was well time today and I am thankful for you.

I promise I don’t plan on mentioning any further gifts for the rest of the month.

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