31 Days/2 – Follow Up On Why

Today at Tapestry I encouraged everyone to ask “why do we do what we do”. While doing so I showed part of a video and briefly told the story of Robert Raikes and the founding of Sunday School as an act of social justice. Since I only briefly mentioned these two things I thought I would include two links.

First, here’s a link for a fuller story on the development of Sunday School by Robert Raikes. The effectiveness of Sunday School can easily be debated now but their development was an amazing act of faith in taking care of “the least of these.” So many of the actions and programs in our churches that we no longer ask “why” concerning, started out as acts of justice. We need to start more actions and programs that will so influence our culture that in the future we will no longer see the need for them.

The second link is to the full video from Simon Sinek. I only referenced a small part of this video but the who thing is worth watch.

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