I Love My Mom

I have a few thoughts running around my head concerning things I want to write posts (Paris, refugees – basically if you are going to say you a Christian, then you should act like one in such situations) but right now I simply want to share a wonderful tradition my mom does.

A few years ago she decided that spending money on nicer, more expensive birthday cards, was stupid (I assume my dad’s cheapness gene eventually wore her down). Thus she began buying cheap cards. Cheap cards look, well, cheap. Yet my mom thought it was best not to pay more for birthday cards (something my whole family agrees with her concerning). Of course, once she saved the money the more expensive card would have cost she decided that who ever the birthday person was should have it and a tradition was born. When my mom sends a birthday card to a family member it has that person’s birthday present in it, or attached to it, and additionally a crisp $5 bill to pass the savings on to the birthday person. It makes me smile every time I open up a birthday card. Actually, it makes my whole family smile when they open up cards from my mom. Pam was standing beside me when I opened my card yesterday and smilingly said “and there it is” when I open the card and a $5 bill fell out.

We are a family of traditions and I am so thankful for this tradition. Thanks mom.

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