Gilead Quote on Predestination

At Pam’s suggestion I have begun reading Marilynne Robinson’s book “Gilead”, which is written from the perspective of a dying pastor. It is good thus far and according to Pam it gets amazing at the end. Her suggestions a usually spot on so i look forward to the end of the book.

Just read the portion and really liked it.

I was sitting there listening to old Boughton ramble along (he uses the expression himself) about a trip he and his wife made once to Minneapolis, when Jack broke in and said to me, “So, Reverend, I would like to hear your views on the doctrine of predestination.”

Now, that is probably my least favorite topic of conversation in the entire world. I have spent a great part of my life hearing that doctrine talked up and down, and no one’s understanding ever advanced one iota. I’ve seen grown men, God-fearing men, come to blows over that doctrine.

I like the passage because I understand the feeling. Predestination is an oft spoke about doctrine that very rarely seems to help either the speaker or the listener follow God. I believe it can help the follower of Christ but I just haven’t experienced many conversations where that has been the end result.

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  1. Robert, Hello, old friend. Yesterday Bill Suiter played piano for Adult 5 sunday school class. He asked if anyone had a way to contact you. I called Carol Dominguez and she pointed me to your blog. Is there anyway you could call him @ 4173586947? I know you are busy serving the Lord but hope you have the time to talk to him. He may have email, but I don’t know it.I send my love to you and Pam and kids and pups and cat. And am strenghtened by your continued service to our Wonderful Savior. And if you can add me to your prayer list I am trying to quit smoking. Love ya, Alcy Roberts

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