Ramen Noodles

I never ate Ramen noodles until I was in middle age. I know the stereotype is of a poor college student eating Ramen because he/she can’t afford anything else, but my food of choice when I was unable to afford anything else was rice. I would make rice and add anything else I could find to the rice. There were points where I added things that were never meant to be added to rice – like mustard and ketchup. Not a taste I would recommend.

Anyhow I ate cooked Ramen (I’ve eaten uncooked Ramen as a part of various dishes but that doesn’t count) for the first time when we moved to Wisconsin. I would boil the Ramen in my own proprietary mix and then add whatever I find leftover in the fridge. I’ve gotten where I really like this. Mhmmmm, Ramen!!!!

Anyhow I order a custom bowl for my Ramen to enhance my Ramen eating experience. It came in today. I’m pretty excited about using it. I guess I will use it Friday.

How had I missed the joy that is Ramen all those years?!?!?

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