Good News / Bad News

So lets start with the good news each time:

Good news: I am safe and my minivan is fine.

BTW, I am not sure why minivans get so much junk said about them. I love my Grand Caravan. It has been the best car that I have owned other than the Sentra that I bought from Eric for $100 and then tried to fix up. Dollar for dollar that Sentra has been the best vehicle, cost per mile, that I have ever owned. Of course, it was also bought and used as a bit of a joke. Just a joke that I ended up loving. If Pam would let me I would buy another ’91 Sentra coupe and fix it up. Such a fun car to drive. So back to the minivan and why do they get so much junk said about them. Fred the minivan is basically my covered truck. It is just a truck that I can fit 7 people in and gets better gas MPG than a truck of its age. Hauled a load of stuff to our solid waste transfer site one weekend and Noah used it to take his friends hiking the next weekend. Minivans are awesome!

So once again both I and Fred are safe.

Bad news: I had a high speed blow out of my front driver’s side right tire on the interstate 40 miles from home. A high speed front tire blowout can be a pretty scary thing.

Good news: The blowout was much less dramatic than a typical front driver’s side high speed blowout. As a matter of fact, initially when I heard it, I actually thought it was the car beside me because there was no change in the vehicle’s handling.

Bad news: I now have to get a new tire and it is close enough to the the life expectancy of the other front tire that I will probably go ahead and replace both front tires.

Good news: This didn’t happen when Noah was driving his friends to Devil’s Lake to go hiking yesterday.

Bad news: It did happen when I was driving to work and therefore most of the day has been/will be wasted waiting on AAA or the company working on the tires.

Good news: I have been meaning to try Auto Select because of my friend Conor who works at one of the ones in Point.

Bad news: The blowout occurred around Weston so I am trying out the Auto Select in Weston rather than the one in Point. BTW, quite good service thus far and a free Diet Coke. Can’t go wrong with that.

Good news: As usual I have my possible with me so I have things I can do and work on.

Bad news: While I almost always pack whatever book I am reading into my possible each day, for some reason today is not one of the days where I did this. I could have finished John Krakauerer’s “Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town” today. BTW, very mixed feelings on this book. One that I think I will be thankful I read, once I am finished with it, but also one that I don’t think I will ever want to read again because it is incredibly disturbing.

Good news: I am going to get a second free Diet Coke. I stress the word free because things like that make me happy. Also I have a fire starter in my possible so I can entertain myself with that for a while. The photo attached to this post is of my fire starter since I didn’t take a photo of the tire when I had the chance. Basically I don’t like posting to my blog without a photo of something. The fire starter seemed as good as anything. It is a pretty awesome fire starter.

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