Black Squirrel / Gray Squirrel

doubt that this will matter to my Wisconsin friends but I think it will be fascinating to my Southern friends, In Wisconsin (and elsewhere in the Midwest) we have black gray squirrels. They are gray squirrels that have an overabundance of melanin (basically the reverse of albinism). Thus they are pitch black rather than gray.

They are super cool.

Pam and I get excited every time we see one and we now have one living in our backyard. I like to think that they are gray squirrels that have decided to become ninjas … but I can’t verify this.

Pam posted a photo of this little guy yesterday on Instagram but this afternoon I had the chance to take a photo with little blackie and a normal gray squirrel so you can really see the difference. I mentioned to Nancy H yesterday on Pam’s photo how amazingly dark they were and thought this would do a good job of conveying how cool these squirrels are.

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