Nation Demands More Slow-Motion Footage Of Running Basset Hounds

Thanks to Adam I saw this post on The Onion (and then several other friends who brought the article to my attention). Apparently our nation is in dire need of more slo-mo running basset videos. I would completely agree with this sentiment.

To quote the article:

“We’re calling for a dramatic increase in the number of slo-mo videos featuring droopy basset hounds racing toward the camera,” said Montana resident Peter Tomsett, echoing the sentiment of all 323 million Americans who declared it was urgent that they see curtains of skin flapping, ears waving back and forth, and drool slopping everywhere as the dogs bound through a field at a fraction of their real-life speed.

I thought The Onion just did satire? I say this because I see absolutely nothing satirical about the desire to see more slo-mo basset running videos.

I’ll also add that there should be an increase in basset moaning videos too. If you’ve never heard a basset moan then you have never heard the sound of utter contentment.

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