Topless Sunday?

Every now and then Marc M brings his grandkids to Tapestry and usually asks me if the sermon is going to be G, PG, or PG-13 before bringing them. Reading “The Gospel of Luke” by Joel Green concerning our passage for Sunday, Luke 7:36-50. In describing the actions of the woman Green wrote the following:

Within her cultural context—especially with women readily viewed as temptresses and/or sex objects, and all the more given her apparent reputation as a prostitute—her actions on the whole would have been regarded (at least by men) as erotic. Letting her hair down in this setting would have been on a par with appearing topless in public, for example.

Just making sure here but I assume that it would not be appropriate for me to preach topless Sunday?

#FreeTheNipple #IKnowThatsNotWhatThatHashtagIsAbout #StillItMakesMeLaugh #IAmSoWhiteIWouldBlindPeople

#MarcYouMightNotWantToBringYourGrandkidsSunday 🙂

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