An Amendment to Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell

Dante’s Inferno is poetry not theology so I’m not quoting it as an actual description of the residence of eternal damnation. Still I wouldn’t be surprised if my amendment to his poem was actually reflective of the eternal desolation. 🙂

  • First Circle – Limbo – For the unbaptized and virtuous pagans
  • Second Circle -Those overcome by lust
  • Third Circle – Those overcome by gluttony
  • MY AMENDMENT – The plow driver who leaves heavy, wet, slushy snow at the end of my driveway.
  • Fourth Circle – Those overcome by greed
  • Fifth Circle – Those overcome by wrath
  • Sixth Circle – The heretics
  • Seventh Circle – Those who practice violence against their neighbors, themselves, art, nature, or God
  • Eighth Circle – Those who practiced fruad
  • Ninth Circle – The treacherous

I am genuinely thankful for the snowplow drivers when I am on the road, but oh how I loath them when I see the pile of snow at the end of my clean driveway. Especially when it has sat there for awhile. My back also isn’t a fan of them.

Yes Sir, we are going for a walk!

SIDE NOTE – I guess the good side is that Clive has enjoyed the massive amount of Spring snow that we have received today. He didn’t really care that I protested that there was too much snow for a walk. “If my short self can walk through it then you can walk through it Buttercup, so get your boots on!” Yes sir Mr. Basset Hound.

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