Apparently This is How Pam Thinks I Fish

Today was an interesting day. I left the house this morning at 4:45 to do one of my chaplain visits only to have my van’s alternator go out (I replaced the battery, which desperately needed to be replaced, this weekend but apparently it wasn’t just the battery that was dying). Anyhow when I saw the Charging System warning light come on about 15 miles form home, I turned around immediately and thankfully made it back home without the van completely running out of battery power. Then I waited for Pam to go to work and stole her car for the day. It was a long day today, and I finished chaplaining around 8:30 tonight.

Anyhow because I knew it was going to be a long day today I had planned on going fishing tomorrow morning with Andy L, the local InterVarsity area director, before doing some more work later in the day. Fred the Van losing her alternator meant that I was going to need to ditch fishing because Pam would need her car for a university teaching and learning meeting she is presenting at and attending the end of this week. Thankfully I have a spouse who likes for me to go fishing and knows that it is good for me, so she decided she was going to make things happen for me to be able to steal her car while she is gone. This would enable me to still get my work done while not having to replace Fred’s alternator until this Saturday. I love this woman.

Thankfully everything worked out and Pam’s way of telling me that she had arranged a university car the trip was by sending an image of how she apparently things I fish.

So this, my friends, is how Pam thinks I fish.

The thing is that sometimes this isn’t very far off. I will do anything if it helps me catch fish. 🙂

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