I Love Tapestry’s Leadership Team

I am a subject in a friend’s Doctor of Ministry project concerning discussions of church facilities. He told me a story of one church that he was dealing with where the leadership hadn’t told the pastor their true feelings concerning their building because they were being “Minnesota Nice“. So my friend asked if Tapestry’s leadership was OK telling me their true feelings even if it meant disagreeing with me.

I just started laughing. Yeah, they have no problem telling me when they disagree with me. 🙂

One of the things I love about Tapestry’s Leadership Team is that while I always feel like they have my back, they also have absolutely no problem telling me when they disagree with me or think that one of my ideas is stupid – which they often are. Today is one great example of this.

Tapestry continuing a worship gathering during a tornado warning.

Today we canceled our worship gathering for tomorrow. This is a big deal for me. In all my years of ministry I have NEVER, until today, canceled a worship service. I once held a worship service for our church’s youth, open to everyone, once during a hurricane even though the main church service had been canceled. Once in Tapestry we continued our worship gathering  after we had been forced to move into the school’s very small basement because of a tornado warning.

So today while discussing whether or not we should have our worship gathering tomorrow I was seriously leaning toward continuing the worship gathering because my mindset is that people should just choose not to come if they view it as dangerous. As we chatted via text messages I told them all about how I had never canceled a service/gathering. There are 5 of us and the vote at the time was 1 to 1 with 3 others considering their vote. When I told the LT that I had never canceled church Marc came back with a message saying he felt secure traveling because he had all-wheel drive and lived in town but that wasn’t true for everyone else, and we shouldn’t have church out of pride. Marc & the Holy Spirit don’t play fair. 🙂

BAM! Suddenly the vote was 5 to 0 for canceling our worship gathering tomorrow.

I hate it when I am wrong, but I am VERY thankful for our Leadership Team.

BTW – Tapestry WILL NOT have its normal Sunday worship gathering tomorrow.

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