Terrell Family Discussion Comparing Snowpocalypse & Other Weather Emergencies

Me: You know everywhere we have ever lived has had weather emergencies but I believe I lam most comfortable the snow emergencies in Wisconsin.

Adam: Why?

Me: Well, you probably don’t remember hiding in the basement and singing songs during Tornado Warnings in Missouri?

Adam: Nope

Me: Those were very scary. You probably remember hurricanes and preparing for them.

Adam: Yep

Pamela: I wasn’t usually scared of them except for the night before Katrina.

Me: Yeah I began to think “what if we should have left” then? Realistically the weather emergencies at other places contained the possibility of large scale death totals and destruction. A huge snow storm is still dangerous but basically we just stay inside, and shovel the driveway every so often.

Pamela: The biggest danger of this storm to me is that I will gain 10 lbs.

SIDE NOTES – we have been eating A LOT of carbs. 🙂

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