Dear Festival Foods … Move Here

  1. Festival Foods I’m pleading with you to come to the Point area (i.e. Stevens Point, Plover, Whiting, Park Ridge, etc.). I have found the perfect location for you.

Right next to the Post Road Pub there is an old grocery store building. I don’t know what grocery store was in there because it was before I moved here. Still I promise you it would be perfect. You see it is halfway between Plover and Stevens Point and there is very little in the way of food choices right there. It is even beside Wanta Drive, which is important because I “wanta” Festival Foods store here. ūüôā

It would be so awesome because this is right along the path to my favorite fishing location on the Wisconsin River. I could go fishing and then drop by to pick up stuff from y’all. This is a win for all the times that Pam messages me saying “can you pick up (insert grocery item here) on your way back from the river?” Come on Festival, help a brother out.

This is one of the reason I like y’all so much. Christmas = random live music at your stores.

I love shopping with y’all when I am in areas that have a Festival Foods and I can’t stand shopping at Copp’s. I’ve known some fine people who have worked at Copp’s so it isn’t the people that make the shopping experience so terrible. Still shopping there drives me nuts. I’m convinced it must be the company culture. I love your confidant culture so you should move here.¬† My only other options are Save-A-Lot and Trigg’s County Market, both of which are all the way up in Stevens Point. That’s a whole 7 miles away! Y’all would WIN in the Point area if you moved here. See what I did there? I even used some of your own terminology. That’s how much I like y’all and how much I would like to shop at one of your stores regularly.

I wouldn’t usually use my blog to beg and plead for a company to come to my area, but you see I didn’t really know that grocery shopping could be an enjoyable experience until I shopped with you guys. Now I want my weekly shopping to just be with you.

So what about it? Please move here!

While you are at it if you could convince Chick-fil-a and Raising Cane’s to move here too that would be super cool.

And this is one of the reasons Copps drives me nuts. # registers open when there were lots of people wanting to check out. WHere are all the people checking out? Well they have been pushed to self checkout stations. ARGH!

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