“This Will Never Make the Press” or Whatever

Every now and then I write a post and then pick a random date in the future for the post to publish. This is because the post is usually inspired by something that I have recently seen, heard, or experienced with someone I care about and I don’t want them to be worried that I am writing about them. This is one of those posts.


I am tired of seeing people post something on their social media that begins with some form of the phrase “this will never make the press“. The reason I am tired of this is because invariably I have already read about whatever subject or event they are griping about on some of the media that they are saying would never post anything about that subject of event.

My friend: The mass media will never write about ….

My friend: The left will never talk about …

My friend: The right will never mention …

Me: Hmmm, that’s weird, I just listened to an NPR podcast on that.

The phrase “this will never make the …” seems to me to be an easy way to try and lend gravitas to whatever you are writing, or more likely reposting from someone else. Instead of it being a condemnation of whatever sources the person is saying will never mentioned whatever subject he or she is writing about, I have begun to believe that it is a condemnation of my friend. You see I am fairly sure that “this will never make the …” usually means that “I never read the genre or group that I am condemning and I take that as silence on the subject.” Since you don’t read any of the ones you are saying will never talk or write about a subject it is very easy to mistake your lack of hearing or reading for that group’s lack of addressing the subject.

I will use myself as an example. I posted the following Facebook status after the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013.

I realized later on that the problem was that I didn’t read any majority Islamic focused media, and thus I really had no idea if they were condemning the attacks or not – by the way when I actually took a moment to read some mainly Islamuc sources I realized that they were condemning the attacks. It made sense that I didn’t read any Islamic focused media sources. I’m a Christian. I believe Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. I have very strong theological disagreements with Islam. I believe they are wrong on many core issues (and they usually believe I am wrong too).1 BUT if I am going to say that someone needs to talk more about a subject I should at least first look into their media to see if they are or aren’t addressing the subject. I shouldn’t mistake my lacking of knowledge concerning their media for silence on their part.

So please, at least if you are a friend of mine, stop posting things like “the ________ media will never write about this …” because all it shows me is that you probably have no idea what is being discussed outside of your bubble.



SIDE NOTE – I’ve had this post set to publish on a random date for a while but today I saw a social media acquaintance (If we are actual friends then this isn’t you) post the wonderful graphic below concerning the rescue of the 12 Thai kid footballers and their coach (I pray for their continued safe rescue) while commenting that the news didn’t seem to want to cover this story. Really?!?!?!? I’m not sure what news sources you pay attention to Mr. Acquaintance, because all the sources I pay attention to have been covering it (as well they should). Even Wingo & Goilic, the sports podcast I listen to, discuss them.


  1. I once had a discussion with one of my friends who is Muslim in which she asked why I couldn’t admit that Mohammed was a true prophet, since Muslims would admit that Jesus was a true prophet. I responded by saying that was because I didn’t believe that Jesus was just a prophet but also God, and that would make Mohammed a false prophet. She agreed that we couldn’t agree on this and we finished our coffee and talked about other things. []

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