Evangelism = An Enjoyable Conversation

I know I write and talk about this every so often (for example here) but I seriously think that evangelism should be an enjoyable conversation about the One Who is most important to us. We have conversations about other things all the time and find it enjoyable. There is a whole category of people who do this for a living, they are called “influencers“. I’m not trying to encourage anyone to treat sharing what Jesus has done in your life as a marketing campaign, it just seems that conversations that would be normal with any other topic (because we generally like to share with those around us the things that really work in our lives) tend to get scary for some when the subject is faith.

So I want to encourage us all to think about it differently. You aren’t “sharing your faith” or practicing “evangelism”. You are having an enjoyable conversation about the One Who gives you meaning, purpose, and rescue. You are merely talking about the One Who is most important to you. You are having an enjoyable conversation. “Hey, can I tell you something that has really helped me?” That is an enjoyable conversation.

I bring this up today because once again I have bought The Main Grain out of their Firecracker Rolls. Why? Well because I am convince that these rolls are yet more proof that God loves us and therefore I want to share them with everyone. I’ve already passed out several to people I know and I don’t know at Emy J’s. There hasn’t been any fear or anxiety associated with these conversations, because all I am doing is having an enjoyable conversation concerning something I enjoy.

So go have an enjoyable conversation and if you are in my small group there is a small chance that a few firecrackers will be left for tonight. 🙂

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