Thank You for Your Service

This afternoon after I finished my work for the day I went out to the woods to see if I could bag a deer. The short story is that I saw lots of activity, had one in range, but was never able to get a clean shot at him,  and was eventually spotted by a doe who ran away snorting for the whole world to know how ticked she was that I was in her woods (I hate that sound, thankfully I haven’t heard it that often). But I don’t want to write about hunting. I want to write about getting to the woods.

I like to take coffee with me to the woods (I know this isn’t good for scent control, but it is part of the tradition of the hunt for me and since I am only trying to kill the deer with less cognitive abilities I feel the smell of coffee helps keep the smart ones away), so as usual I stopped by Kwik Trip on my way to the woods. While I was filling up my thermos I dropped the top of my thermos. I walked over to pick up it up when a woman said “let me grab that for you”. This made sense because the cup/lid had rolled over by her foot. As she was handing me the cup/lid she said “and thank you for your service”.

I couldn’t help but laugh. I was dressed in my hunting camo and apparently all camo is military camo to some. Anyhow I let her know that I was just going hunting, she told me she was embarrassed, and quickly departed Kwik Trip.

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