Uhm, No

Yawn! I have briefly awoke from my blogging slumber. I am sure I will slumber again soon.

Anyhow, the image above is from a post I ran into while running through the wilds of the net today. This link was offered in answer to a question concerning how to “bless” a whole house. The idea is that these physical objects and items are set apart and blessed to convey the reality of God and as a means conveys His grace (i.e. sacraments). This person had a genuine desire to bless their house (hopefully primarily those living within and connected to that home). I believe that desire is a good thing. I’m just not sure that the humidifier will accomplish what this person wants.

Instead I believe it comes down as us living as people who convey the reality of God and as means through which He reminds and teaches others of the grace that comes through Jesus. I guess you could say we need to live as sacraments (though I don’t really believe any object of action of our own can ever be a “means of grace”). Sacramental theology teaches that we you eat the Lord’s Supper or are baptized, or married, etc., etc. it conveys a little bit of God’s grace to you. I believe we should love our neighbor in such a manner that they taste God’s grace through our treatment. We should sacramentally “humidify” (ūüėĀ) those around us with our faithful lives, and thereby remind them of the reality of God and His grace.

I fear most Christians would rather put “holy water” in a humidifier rather than actually living out sacrificially loving lives to those around us. Putting “holy water” in a humidifier might not actually bless anything, but it appears holy and is a whole lot easier than actually living out faith. Of course, that is just the appearance of holiness and blessedness. Unfortunately, in a “post-fact” world appearances seem to be the only thing that matter.

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