Selling Sasha

Noah has a new-to-him car and thus it is now time to let Sasha, the venerable 2001 Saturn L200, roam to other parts of the world and bring joy and frustration to others. So I posted her on Facebook Marketplace last night and Craigsllist late this morning.

Scam Numbers thus far.

Within 10 minutes I started getting text messages from scammers on Craigslist. Thus far I been contacted by 5 scammers (4 “I’ll text you and then you email me at this non-craigslist email”, and 1 “hey buy this VIN check from a fake company and I might buy your car”). If the deal is too good to be true it probably is. If they will pay you a good bit extra for the trouble of shipping it to them, it is probably a scam. If they want you to send them a VIN check through a company you’ve never heard of, it is probably a scam. If they text you but then want to continue the conversation via an email address not associated with a Craigslist account, it is probably a scam. Basically be careful out their folks.

I remember a good friend of mine being scammed by the shipping/courier scam after asking me if I thought it was legit. I had not heard of the shipping scam at that time and therefore couldn’t warn them to avoid it. So they cashed the check and sent the “shipping” money to the supposed courier only to discover 6 weeks later that the check buying the puppy and paying for the expense of shipping was a fake. This was two decades ago and I still feel guilt over not knowing to warn them. Be careful out their folks.

Anyhow here’s the add. If you know someone who is interested let me know. I’ll work favorably with friends of friends.

Sasha (the car’s name) is an old cruddy, yet wonderful Saturn L200. She was a great car for both my boys but it is time for her to go to someone else.

The Good:
*She is open to a name change
*The speakers on the passenger side work
*Her insurance will be cheap
*She runs and just seems to keep running
*Her tires are in good shape
*She doesn’t burn oil, which is amazing for a Saturn 4 cylinder
*She has two sets of keys
*She has a spiffy UW-Eau Claire Blugold sticker on her bumper
*She has a crack in her back light trim that looks like South America is South America had been stretched a little width-wise.

The Bad:
*She has the typical early 2000s Saturn gas pump leak – it affects the mileage and you can smell it outside.
*Her rear suspension is noisy. Rides fine but it is noisy when you push on the rear.
*The air bag light has been on since I got her 9 years ago. Supposedly it is just the light but I don’t know that for sure because I never had it checked out. 
*Someone in a parking lot at UW-Eau Claire decided to customize her by keying the Driver’s Side of the car.
*The carpets are in bad shape from salt and a heater core leak that was fixed last year.
*The Cruise Control shorts out and blows the fuse if you push the “Resume” key. It works fine if you don’t press “Resume”.

$900 OBO.

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