Podcasts I am Listening to Right Now

Those who know me know that I listen to a fair amount of podcasts when I drive, run, or doing other activities.  Between driving for chaplaining, walking Clive, and running I listen to a fair number of podcasts during the week.

Mockingcast – Started listening to this one because of Conor H. Great discussions of faith and everyday life. 

White Lies – Great one off podcast series concerning investigating the 1965 murder of Rev. James Reeb in Selma, Alabama.  The format is very similar to Serial and S-Town.

Code Switch – podcast on race and identity issues.

The Uncertain Hour – Their tagline is “Because the things we fight the most about are the things we know the least about.” So each season they take a subject that is often argued about and explore it. 

Make Me Smart – Podcast by Marketplace concerning the economy, technology, and culture. Best interview question around, “What is something you thought you knew but later found out you were wrong about?”

Stacking Benjamins – Personal finance podcast, my second favorite one after the Clark Howard Podcast.

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