Not Cool Futon Cushion Taker

Earlier this week I posted a much loved futon as a CURB ALERT. A Curb Alert is a post that basically says “hey this is free and on the curb so come and get it”. It is a great way to let someone else use something that you no longer need. They get a benefit out of it and the item on Curb Alert avoids going into the landfill. Curb Alerts give the earth a hug.

So I posted the Curb Alert on Facebook and Craigslist. Here is what it said:

I put the Curb Alert on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Mr. Cushion Taker seems like a Facebook guy.

The best of all worlds.

First, it is free! Can’t find a better price than that.

Second, it is only comfortable to sleep on for a day or two at most so your guest won’t stay for the third day because it will hurt their backs by the third night. It is actually comfortable to sit on so if your friend sleeps sitting up then three day guarantee is null and void. Make sure and don’t invite people over who sleep sitting upright.

Third, my basset hound Clive would regularly lay on it so it has been covered in basset hound comfort and there is no greater comfort than a comfortable basset hound. Seriously these dogs know how to relax .I’ve included a photo of him so that you can see how relaxed he is. You want to be this relaxed.

First come, first serve. If the listing is up it is still in front of my house so there is no need for you to message me. If you message me asking if it is still here I will probably be snarky. I’m in training to be a grumpy, old man. STAY OFF MY LAWN! 🙂 Just come and get it. 

I was excited about someone else getting the futon rather than just taking it to the dump. So today I saw a person in a white Grand Caravan get out and look at the futon for a minute or two and then get back into their minivan. I couldn’t really see them from where I was in the house but I could see the edge of the futon so I knew they hadn’t taken the futon. Later on I walked and discovered that Mr. White Minivan had actually taken part of the futon. He took the cushions and left the frame.

Not cool Mr. Cushion Taker. There is an unwritten rule of Curb Alerts – you don’t make things worse for the person doing the curb alert. Well at least that is the unwritten rule that I live by on Curb Alerts. Mr. Cushion Taker you made it where I still have to deal with the futon frame and now no one else is going to want the frame. So I have to deal with getting rid of the frame. Really not cool Mr. Cushion Taker and you were driving a Grand Caravan, I thought we minivan guys looked out for each other.

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