They Have Started on the Garage

Our restoration company has begun to work on the garage from the damage that occurred due to the storm six weeks ago. There was so much damage around here that they have been incredibly busy. I know of circumstances where people’s homes will not be ready for Winter, which is a big deal up here in Wisconsin. Our contractor had a person call them last week just to start the initial estimate for their work. They will be in for a big surprise with how long this is going to take.

Our tree debris was finally removed yesterday. As I talked with the guy doing the removal he talked about how the wood market has collapsed as a result of all the wood on the market. Why would someone buy some wood from you when they can get it for free from someone who had a tree collapse in their yard.

We are still at least a month a way from roofed garage but it is at least cleaner now, looks a little more respectable, and isn’t as big of a hazard to be around anymore. I am so ready for this to be over or at least fixed to the point that I can park our vehicles in a roofed garage.

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