The Letter to the Romans & Dawn

I am presently reading and studying Paul’s Epistle to the Romans for the next Tapestry message series. After reading through the letter several times part of what has hit me is that while the letter has some of Paul’s most amazing teaching it is also basically just a missionary appeal for support. Paul writes them to say “hey God is doing this work and you should support it and me in doing the work.”

Since Tapestry does much of its mission support through the Cooperative Program with lots of other Southern Baptist churches. We don’t have a ton of missionaries coming through asking for support. Instead, the missionaries that come through are usually saying something similar to “this is the work you have already supported.”

We do, however, support quite a few local ministries and those that specifically go out from us. Which is why I want to mention one of our own to you. For the good of this person’s mission, it is best that I don’t write her name, so we will just call this person Dawn

As I wrote, Dawn is one of our own. She is going to be working with an organization in helping Somalia refugees in the US. You should read about the work on her blog. It is good, God-honoring work, that reaches out to the stranger in our land. That’s why Tapestry as an organization is supporting her and many of us who make up Tapestry are supporting her individually. I believe in what she is doing in the name of the Lord and I would encourage you to consider supporting the work of which she is a part.

I don’t meet many Somalia refugees in my daily life, but when I support Dawn I get to be a part of Christ-loving these refugees through her. When you are family what one does we all do.

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