Long & Short at the Same Time

I’m presently reading Albert Camus’ classic work “The Stranger” and ran across this discussion that seems to fit our time.

“I hadn’t understood how days could be both long and short at the same time: long to live through, maybe, but so drawn out that they ended up flowing into one another. They lost their names. Only ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’ still had any meaning for me.”

I’m not exactly sure how the pandemic feels for many of you (who am I kidding my mother is the main one who reads my blog – Hi Mom!) but this quote rings very true to my experience. I have spoken with many people who have mentioned how they feel like the days drag by but at the end of the week the feel like they have accomplished nothing because the week just flew by. A continuous Monday or Friday depending upon your situation. It is definitely both long and short at the same time.

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