My Question was on the Clark Howard Podcast

I would use the phrase “as many of you know” but the reality is only a couple of people read my blog so I can’t really use the word “few”. I will therefore use the word “couple” since it is more accurate.

So as a couple of you know personal finance is kind of a hobby for me. I read and listen to as much information as I can concerning how to be wise with our finances and every now and then help someone else with their finances. The whole subject means a great deal to me because Pam and I have had to be very careful with our finances. You see, despite what you might think from televangelists, ministers aren’t known for getting the best salaries, and youth ministers and pastors of small churches are definitely not known for having large salaries. So we have needed to be very careful with our money and listen to wise voices in how to best control our finacnes.

One of the voices that has helped me the most is Clark Howard and his team. They have helped us with great advice. Seriously if you want great instruction on how “to save more and spend less” you should listen to his show. This is why I was super pumped today when a question I had submitted to the podcast website was read online today.

They read, and answered, my question at nine minutes and thirty-five seconds in today’s episode.

My question was pretty mundane concerning whether we can contribute to a 529 plan for Noah and still get the Wisconsin tax credit. It was a pretty exciting, however, to hear them say on the podcast “Robert in Wisconsin says…” while I was walking Clive. Seriously, Clark Howard is the best. You should listen to his show.

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