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The purpose of this post is to list all the products reviewed by Seth on Berm Perk so that there is a searchable page of the items. When the name of the product isn’t self-explanatory I add a description. Here is a link to each video.

I have been a “Hey I Have an Entry Level Mountain Bike” biker for a few years, doing around 60ish miles each season. This year that changed dramatically. Not only have I been putting significantly more miles (450 thus far this season) on my constantly upgraded entry-level bike (new, non-entry level bike is on order but won’t be here till May of 2022 because of the bike shortage) I have also been consuming a good amount of MTB-related YouTube videos. My two favorite channels have been GBMN and Berm Peak. Both channels are excellent.

Anyhow I really like both channels’ product reviews and recently I wanted to go back to one specific video to consider a product that Seth had reviewed on Berm Creek. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the specific video from searches and ended up watching quite a few videos in order to find the product I was looking for. I am sure this is good for Seth, but it wasn’t for me.

Therefore I decided that I would create a blog post listing the products each video reviews (something Seth does in the video description but for some reason my searches weren’t finding the products listed in the description). I am updating this list as I watch videos to find the original product for which I searched.

Hopefully, this will be useful for others too. If you have come here looking for a specific product just search the page and hopefully it will be here.

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