Holy Post Episode with Matthew Desmond

Over the past few years, I have learned to really love The Holy Post podcast. I not only am challenged by the guests that they bring on but I also really enjoy the hosts’ interactions with each other. In this week’s episode, they interview Dr. Matthew Demond, whose book “Evicted” I found very influential in the way I view poverty and housing. He was interviewed to discuss poverty based on his new book “Poverty in America.” I found the interview very enlightening and particularly liked the 5 specific actions he ended with. These are actions we all can take. He explains them in the interview so I am just listing them below.

  • First, you can flex your influence wherever you are.
  • Second, we can vote with our wallet, we can shop a bit differently,
  • Third, let’s talk about taxes differently.
  • Fourth, let’s play our role in ending segregation.
  • Fifth, join the anti-poverty movement.

I definitely don’t have the answer to poverty but personally, I would rather make a mistake doing something rather than make the mistake of doing nothing. I like Desmond’s five suggestions because they are actions that anyone can do and they also recognize that our actions while probably a part of the problem can also be a part of the solution.

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