Unpacking the Alabama Won Box (i.e. the Byrd’s Bet Payment)

Our friends Karen & Nathan Byrd live in Athens, Georgia where Nathan is a campus minister for the University of Georgia. He is also a UGA alum and they have a child in the Redcoat Marching Band (UGA’s band). You could say they are pretty big Georgia Bulldog fans. I on the other hand was raised in Alabama rooting for the Crimson Tide.

So Monday before the NCAA National Championship Game Pam and I made a bet with the Byrd’s concerning the game. If Georgia won we would send them delicious cheese from Rudolph, Wisconsin (where our favorite cheese factory is located). On the other hand if Georgia won they would surprise us with something from Georgia.

As we all know now the correct team won and today we received the payment of the bet from the Byrds. Thanks Nathan & Karen. We’re sorry for your brief emotional agony but we appreciate your friendship.

Roll Tide!

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