sleigh bells ring

for pam‘s birthday i bought her and i a ride on a one horse open sleigh. that ride was today and though it was a mighty cold day it was still a great experience. on a personal note, according to pam i have earn major “man points” because the second she posted photos on facebook many of her friends started responding with how wonderful that was. it’s always nice when your wife is proud that you are her husband. oh yeah, i like the main points.

the funniest part off the sleigh ride happened half through it. at that point we stopped for a small bonfire. we had brought with us the supplies necessary to make smores. we heated our marshmallows only to discover that the chocolate was frozen so hard that the heated marshmallow couldn’t melt it. we only made one each because the temp hurt our hands too much to be without gloves for long.

SIDE NOTE – we live on the southern edge of the village of plover. this means that while our front yard is a typical suburban neighborhood, our backyard is butted up against 20-30 acres of forest that will not be developed for 20 years. it’s great. it also means that we have deer that come into our backyard all the time. our oldest basset hound, montana, started barking at some deer in our yard this afternoon and pam thought it would be a great idea to show y’all what it was like when she cut out after the deer last week. thus the video below.

release the hounds from Robert Terrell on Vimeo.

12”, 40”, 8”

montana running

what in the world would make a basset hound that has a shoulder height of 12” think that she could outrun and catch a white-tailed deer with a shoulder height of 40” when they are both running in 8” of fresh snow? i have no idea but i do know that this thought was stuck in montana’s head for approximately 30 minutes this afternoon. she tried to chase down a large white-tailed deer, i tried to chase her down, and roux walked behind us and made sure everything had been properly covered in urine. for such a lazy dog montana can really run when she wants to.

the best part was that it was very easy to track montana because her body is slow low and the snow so high that she dug a trench along her path. all i had to do was follow the basset width indention in the snow till i found her.