12”, 40”, 8”

montana running

what in the world would make a basset hound that has a shoulder height of 12” think that she could outrun and catch a white-tailed deer with a shoulder height of 40” when they are both running in 8” of fresh snow? i have no idea but i do know that this thought was stuck in montana’s head for approximately 30 minutes this afternoon. she tried to chase down a large white-tailed deer, i tried to chase her down, and roux walked behind us and made sure everything had been properly covered in urine. for such a lazy dog montana can really run when she wants to.

the best part was that it was very easy to track montana because her body is slow low and the snow so high that she dug a trench along her path. all i had to do was follow the basset width indention in the snow till i found her.

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