bill gates is the anti-christ

i really don’t like microsoft. i’m not real sure why but i know that i don’t. i think it is the fact that software-wise microsoft owns everything. they are such a corporate giant that they simply swallow up new things as they come about. they are the roman empire of the programing world. i fairly sure that i wouldn’t have liked the romans if i had lived in the 1st century and i know that i don’t like their 21st century equivalent.

what saddens me is that i have microsoft stuff on my computer. ahhhhhh! i feel like such a hypocrit. i would swap to linux but that would confuse pam and i don’t want to do that. i have to use microsoft at the church because that what our systems guy uses. now i’ve gotten so use to microsoft junk that i have trouble doing things for other platforms. i started using mozilla as my browser as an attempt to get away from explorer and now i’ve found that i didn’t code the student ministry page right for anything other than ie. i hate microsoft. i think i am going to purposefully start avoiding everything microsoft again. this might tear down my work for awhile but i think i would feel better.

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