please hold for a phone call from GOD

tonight my cell phone started to ring and i grabbed it ready to answer it. as is my custom i looked at the screen on the front of the phone to see what the caller id would tell me about the phone call. usually if it is from someone who is in my phone book it says “(person’s name) is calling” and then i know for answering purposes who is on the line. tonight when it rang and i looked at the front screen it said “GOD is calling.” i’m dead serious that is what it said. it really threw me off. i mean i didn’ know that i had GOD’s personal line listed in the phonebook of my cell. of course, being GOD HE could make sure it was in there. the problem was even though i spend alot of time talking with and listening to GOD in prayer i’ve never really had a phone conversation with HIM. it seems like the etiquette for a phone call with GOD would somehow be different than that of prayer. how do you answer the phone when it’s GOD? “hey bud” just doesn’t seem right for the CREATOR’s phone call. i was so engulfed in this question that i simply kept letting the phone ring. but then i paniced because it seems even worse to leave GOD hanging on the line. it�s one thing to answer GOD�s call wrong, but it is quite another to simply ignore GOD�s call. this was becoming a serious dilemma. i’m a minister for goodness sake, you would think i would have been trained in handling something like this. there should have been some professor during all my education telling me how to respond when GOD calls my cell phone. but no! that’s to practical for 3 years of graduate education and 4 years of undergraduate. well allot of good that education has done me. i can’t even answer the phone properly to speak to the ALMIGHTY. save your money kids, if college can’t tell you how to answer GOD�s call correctly then what good is the algebra, composition, counseling and other stuff they teach you?

eventually i remember that bill pruitt, our pastor, was the last one to have my phone and he must have changed his name in the phonebook to say GOD (thinks allot of himself apparently). while, i might not know how to answer the phone when GOD is calling i certainly did know how to answer bill’s phone call after all the confusion he had caused me. here’s the point of my story…be prepared for any phone call, it could be GOD calling you (or it could just be a pastor who likes to play jokes on people).

btw, i am now taking suggestions on how to get bill back for causing me to have such a crisis of faith.

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