i can’t believe i get paid for this

i absolutely love the fact that i get paid to be a minister. this afternoon i was given the name of a church member who i haven’t met before (it’s a large church) who was at home with her husband watching him slowly pass away. five days ago he was told that because of liver damage he would have about 4 to 6 months to live before his body would give out. since, the doctor said that he has gone down hill incredibly fast. yesterday he slipped out of consciousness and this morning the doctor came to their house and told his wife that he would probably die at any second. i was the minister who received the opportunity to go to their house. there is not much that you can say that a woman who is soon to be a widow and knows it. there aren�t many words that will do for a time like that. so i simply sat with her and her husband for an hour. GOD was already in that room. the LORD was already there taking care of her. my only purpose there was to remind he of the GOD who cares about her and her husband. so for an hour i sat there and held his hand and listened while she told me about his love for fishing, building his pond, his stubborn nature, and love for reading. i left her with the only words I knew that would make any difference �GOD is here for you and HE says that HE will comfort those who mourn and are in pain.� it is easy to see the difference that JESUS makes in life when you watch someone as they are dying. this family knows CHRIST and that makes all the difference.

it was an honor to be there with them. i can’t believe doing that type of stuff is actually considered a part of my job. i love my job.

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