yellow means “with it”

yesterday while driving to the doctors office i saw a very unusual sight. it was two guys walking on the sidewalk wearing the same clothes and backpacks. now some of you (the two people who actually read this thing) are probably thinking “that’s not so unusual, it’s just mormons going from house to house.” you would be right in thinking that they were mormons but you would be wrong in thinking that this was a common sight. you see the matching attire that they were wearing was not the typical white shirt, dark tie, and dark pants. no! they were wearing dark slacks and yellow pull-overs. you could still tell that they were mormons because they had their elder name tags on. i’m sure somewhere deep within the bowels of the mormon temple in salt lake city the mormon prophet gordon b. hinckley told the rest of the mormon bishops “let’s modernize our church�i know what we’ll do. we’ll make our college missionaries wear yellow pull-overs.”

of course, he is right. nothing says modern and “with it” like yellow pull-overs. when pam and i purchased our house a little less than two years ago everything was beige and old looking. we immediately painted two of the rooms different shades of yellow. now every one who enters the house comments on how modern and “with it” the house looks. they don’t know why it looks so spiffy, but i do. it’s the yellow.

gordon hinckley is a design genius. who would have thought modernization would be as simple as a yellow pull-over. our church struggles with how to reach and communicate to the postmodern generation and a world that stands in desperate need of hope. we debate over everything that we do that make sure that it communicates in modern understandable methods the age of truth of the gospel. little did we know that it was just a matter of swapping to the yellow pull-over. now i’ve got to figure out how to get everyone to wear on of those things. remember yellow means “with it.�”

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