jiffy green beans

tonight pam and i introduced our kids to the wonderful world of jiffy pop. just in case you haven�t enter this world yet i�ll describe jiffy pop to you. jiffy pop is cheap popcorn that has been wrapped in aluminum foil with a handle attached that you then shake over a stove eye for it to pop. when it pops the aluminum foil expands like a 12� metallic balloon. it�s really fun to watch but the popcorn inside it is not that great. i actually had not remembered how the popcorn tasted. i merely remembered from my own childhood how much fun it was to watch the aluminum foil expand. tonight after tasting the popcorn i realized that the aluminum foil is the trick and it was the only reason i every liked jiffy pop. turns out that nobody actually like jiffy pop for the taste. people eat it because it�s cool to watch the metal rise and because of the name jiffy. it is all just a gadget for getting rid of cheap, bad tasting pop corn.

now, i have an idea. if we can get kids to eat bad pop corn by wrapping it in expanding aluminum then why couldn�t we do it with other things? why not jiffy broccoli? or jiffy cauliflower? if we could get vegetables to expand within a metal wrap then kids would love to eat them. this would solve the age old problem of getting kids to eat their vegetables.

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