it’s a great, big, stupid world.

today in our neighborhood the louisiana council for the blind was doing curbside pickup for contributions. pam and i have been saving stuff for a garage sale and just recently decided that we would never actually do the sale. this meant that we had a ton of stuff to move to the curb and that blind people all across the state of louisiana were going to love the terrell�s. we had great things like a working gas dryer, kitchen supplies, and the granddaddy of all contributions good quality children�s toys, including a red wagon in great shape. pam spent most of the morning taking stuff from our garage � it�s official pre-garage sale storage place � to the street for the blind to pick up. after getting most of the stuff to the curb she decided to take a break for awhile. after her rest she went outside only to find that senior adults from across shenedoah had descended on our pile of donations and were making off with all the goodies they could carry. one old man had stolen the wagon and had loaded with other prizes and was dashing down the street. pam chased after one guy and screamed �you�re stealing from the blind!�. he returned the stolen merchandise he had in his hands but she is fairly sure that he had already made another trip. she had to spend the rest of her afternoon �guarding� the donations to make sure that nobody but the louisiana council for the blind took the booty that was in our front yard. when people will steal from the blind it truly is a great, big, stupid world.

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