pick up for dr. dre

for the past 6 to 7 years i have been having a bit of fun whenever i have to give a name for food pick-up or anything else. many places that i go to eat require that you give a name with your food order so that they can then call you when your food is ready. one such place, and the place i ordered lunch from today, is “raisin cane’s”. i went there to pick up lunch and as is my custom i went inside to order my food (i’m not sure why but i really don’t like drive through windows). when the cashier at cane’s asked me for my name i decided to have my fun. for some reason i think it is hillarious to give a different name everytime i go into a place. i always try to say names that there’s a decent chance the people will know are fake. i’ve said collin powell, george stephanophilos, archie manning, johnny carson, etc. i’ve been hoping to really confuse a cashier one day, since i usually go to the same resturants all the time. of couse, nobody’s said anything yet. today when the cashier at cane’s asked for my name i was in a coat and tie and thought i would push the limits a little. i said “dre…that’s doctor dre.” i really figure this college kid would at least smirk at that but he didn’t even given me a facial twitch to at least indicate that he got the joke. no, he just wrote up my order (actually he typed it up on the screen).

i turned around and immediately saw a couple of older church members who said “hi”. i couldn’t remember their names and apparently they couldn’t remember mine either because they kept their distance and had that apprehensive look on their faces that said “oh i should know this guy’s name.” while i was standing there trying to remember their names the cashier who had taken my order shouted out “dre.” of course, i was too busy in thought to hear him. apparently he shouted it out again and then saw me. he walked over and said “dr. dre, your order is ready.” and handed me my meal. i thanked him and then looked to say goodbye to the church members. i waved at them and they waved back shouting “see ya’ next sunday dr. dre.” at this comment there were some pretty loud snikers in the resturant. i didn’t have the heart to tell them the truth about my name.

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