i’ll wrestle you for it

my wife makes the best chicken noodle soup in the world. it’s true and i’ll wrestle you to death if you disagree with me. you might not think that chicken noodle soup is that big of a deal. of course, you would be wrong. homemade chicken noodle soup is better than the feeling you get after a sneeze that you struggled really hard with. it’s better than the feeling you get when you find the perfect parking spot that three other people just drove past. it’s better than a glass of ice cold water right after you finished cutting the lawn on a hot day. it’s that good, and pam’s is the best. i’ll wrestle you to death if you disagree. she made this soup tonight and i ate three bowls. it’ was really good.

i think that most of western society has neglected the joys of soup. there is simply nothing as good as homemade soup on a chili night. soup is the best of two worlds. it’s a warm drink to warm you up and a meal at the same time. i don’t really understand why everyone neglects soup. if they had a spoonful of pam’s chicken noodle soup those soup haters would change their minds. it’s the best soup in the world and if you disagree with me i’ll wrestle you to death.

btw, last night i had to drive two hours to percy quinn state park in mississippi for parkview church’s men’s retreat. i left baton rouge late because of the pbs homecoming and i didn’t get to the park until around 11. of course by then there weren’t any park rangers around. i tried calling everyone whose cell phone i knew to get them to tell me where in the park they were. no one answered so i drove around looking for cars that i knew. i didn’t see any. around 12:30 a.m. after driving around for 2 1/2 hours looking for them i decided that there was no way i was driving the 2 hours back to baton rouge and i could just find the in the morning. so i slept in my car. i haven’t done that in a while. it felt very transient. kind of cool. not sure why it felt so cool. that has to be something spiritual to it because it was just fun. of course, it would have been better with some of pam’s chicken noodle soup. it’s the best in the world and if you disagree with me i’ll wrestle you to death.

i found the guys this morning and the retreat was awesome.

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