once again but with teeth

i ate three more bowls of pam’s homemade chicken noodle soup tonight. that’s some good soup. it’s the best chicken noodle soup in the world and i’ll wrestle you to detah if you disagreee with me.

last sunday while “those who shall remain nameless” (the praise band for “the view”) was practicing a guy came by the church looking for a little financial help to fix a fan belt. i was able to help him and he came back today to say “thanks”. that was great but during the week he apparently had his two front teeth pulled and they were missing today. i don’t have anything against people without teeth, in fact i hope one day to have lived to the point that i no longer have teeth and have joined the ranks of the world’s toothless population. with this said, i need to state here that it’s very odd to see a guy with teeth one day and then no teeth the next time you see him. i found myself staring at the gap in the gentleman’s smile. i couldn’t help it and the more i tried to avoid looking at his smile the more my eyes were locked on it. it would have been okay if the guy had not of been so happy and thankful and smiling, but no he had to continue to smile and show his gap proudly. i focused on it so much that i began to lose my thought during the conversation. it was as though the gap had a hypnotic quality. then of course, my mouth starting getting into the action and began to slip out “fruedian” remarks.

“i’m glad we could help, we really like to sink our teeth into people’s problems.”
“yeah, i know. sometimes life gives us more than we can chew.”
“yep, at the end of the month my check book has a big gap in it also.”

i couldn’t take it anymore, i was just standing there staring intently into the guy’s mouth. i finally just reached the point where i had to stare at the ground. of course, that pretty much ended the conversation. too bad to cause the guy was pretty nice, and he had a great smile. 🙂

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