can’t sleep

it’s 1:41 a.m. and i can’t go to sleep. therefore, it’s time to mention that we had squirrel number 2 appear in the student center tonight. the band (those who shall remain nameless) was practicing before the view started and in the middle of “did you feel the mountains tremble” a small gray missile shot across the room. of course, the music stopped and the chase began. there were about 5 of us trying to corner the beast and force it into a garbage bag (it’s a little known fact but squirrels are terrified of garbage bags – their natural enemies). we chased it for 5 minutes and wewere just about to catch it when it vanished. i don’t mean that it found a good hiding spot. it disappeared. ceased to be visible. entered a different dimension. it just was no longer there. it would appear that this squirrel had training from siegfried and roy (prepares it was a squirrel that actually attacked roy horn rather than a white tiger). we looked for the creature but couldn’t find him again. i was pretty sure that he would pop up during the “view”, but he didn’t. that would have been interesting and maybe even good because in my opinion tonight’s “view” was just kind of there – neither great nor terrible (while the past 6 week’s “view”s have been amazing). it certainly would have made the night memorable to have a squirrel appear in the middle of the “view”.

if this keeps up we’re going to make this little guy the student ministry mascot or turn him into squirrel stew.

anyway, good night guys and girls.

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