sorry to have disappointed my two loyal fans (hey mom, hey dad) and not have written anything in the blog but i’ve been away on a church staff retreat until tonight and therefore i haven’t been able to type anything in the blog. i haven’t forgotten about the yellow jacket situation. it’s just that i haven’t taken care of the problem yet and i feel as though i shouldn’t write about that until i have solved the situation. it will be solved by thursday night because that bush and all it’s small flying friends are going down.

the retreat was very good. i can’t really write about any of the stuff discussed during it but it was still good. two things are worth mentioning. 1) bill pruitt found a tennis racket type electrical device that i believe to be a hand-held electic fly swatter. this proved to be quite enjoyable for me but not for any of the other people around me who for some reason kept getting zapped by the thing. 🙂 2) we went to a resturant monday night that listed on it’s menu a “buttload of wings”. i asked the waitress how big a “buttload of wings” was but she didn’t have a very definate answer. i guess it depends upon who’s butt it’s being measured by. i thought the whole thing was very funny. the waitress apparently didn’t. i think she spat in my food.

now, i will stop avoiding working on my chapel message and get back to work. good night all.

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