i officially feel pretty crudy now. therefore, i’m not going to type very much and i’ll put off describing the great and final battle for supremacy of the my front yard until later (needless to say our lawn is strewn with the dead and mangled bodies and yellow jackets and azela bushes and my body is marked with the battle scars of fighting stinging insects).

tonight was halloween and so i left the house for the first time tonight to take the kids trick or treating. adam went as strong bad (from www.homestarrunner.com) and noah went as a walmart emplyee. it was fun – always is. i have to say that i can’t stand older kids who go to the houses begging for candy without having a custome on. i’m okay with older kids trick or treating (i’m okay with teens and adults trick-or-treating also) as long as they take the time to put on a costume. it’s just plain lazy not to try some type of costume. if you came to our house with a costume we gave you a handful of candy, even if it was a lousy costume. no costume though and we gave you one tootsie roll. the interesting thing was people who came with others who were in costume. a handful for you and one tootise roll for you. it was fun to watch their faces.

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