i have a pretty boring life – i like it boring but i have to admit that it is boring. after raking my yard, sanding down an interior door, and wrestling with my kids the highlight of my day was reading 5 separate articles (about 40 pages or so) concerning the techniques and methods of creating psuedo-live rock for a marine aquarium out of cement. this is exciting stuff. because of this reading i now have the knowldge to create my own live rock that i can then “seed” with organisms from other live rock and thereby have brightly color algaes growing on my psuedo-live rock when my marine aquarium is set up. of course, i now have to make the molds for the live rock and actually mix everything together but i’ll do that next week. then i have to cure and “seed” the stuff so it will be about three months before i actually have my aquarium set up.

on the fun side, i discovered through my reading that one of the best ways to cure the cement psuedo-live rock and get rid of the nasty ph raising stuff that it releases for a short while, is to place the chunks of psuedo-live rock into the resevior of your toliet. this way the water “curing” the cement will change everytime the john is flushed. since, i have to make about 70 pounds of this stuff i will be spreading the psuedo-live rock out amonst a bunch of johns. so if you use the bathroom at my house, the church, or the student center there is a pretty good chance that you will be helping to “cure” my pseudo-live rock and get it ready for the marine aquarium. so if you are at one of those spots then go to the bathroom as often as you can. i appreciate your help in the matter.

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