where have i been?

i’ve been gone for the past month working on getting our disciplenow done. it was a very busy month. it’s over now and i can start posting again.

two weeks ago my car for the past 14 years decided that it had lived a long enough and fruitfull enough life and it gave up the ghost. of course, being the car of personality that the protege was it decided that it would be better to die on the side pof the interstate rather than dying in a parking lot or some other boring place. so the little red car decided to leave me on the side of i-10 during busy saturday traffic. i had to wait three hours on the side of that road waiting for the tow truck to come pull my poor little car to safety. while i was waiting several people stopped to help me. they would stop behind my car, here me say that i had already called a tow truck, and then be trapped behind my car by the constant on coming trafic (they should have parked in front of my car but people never think these things through).

after a few hours the tow truck finally arrived. at the same time a small pick up truck pulled up behind my broken protege. i felt pretty sorry for this guy. afterall, he was trying to be a good samaritan and now he had put himself into the position of being stuck behind my car – the traffic was going to keep him on the side of the road. the driver of the truck got out and started walkig over to me. when he reached me he pulled out an atlas and asked if this was “i-10 west”. i told him that it was i-10 east and that he needed to go the other direction. he asked where the closest exit was and then left. he never offered to help or even said he hoped my car would be okay. i guess he just figured that the guy stuck on the side of the road was someone who couldn’t run away from him when he asked his questions concerning where he needed to go.

anyhow, the on coming traffic did end up sticking him behind my car. of course, i didn’t really feel that sorry for him.

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