the blazing hotdog strikes again

today was the district pinewood derby championship for cub scouts. adam’s oscar meyer hot dog mobile placed second in his pack so we weren’t really expecting much. we had not taken care of the car very well between the pack meeting and the district meeting. adam had played with the car and it had been bounced around a fair amount. the only work we did on the vehicle was take one of those computer air cleaners and “blow out” the axles and re-graphite them before the race. i figured that was about as good as we could do. his first race came and the guy placing the cars on the track started smiling the second he saw adam’s weinner mobile. after he placed it on the track he had to call adam back up to him to make sure that the weinner wagon had been placed with the right side as the front of the automobile.

when the race started the dominance of the dog began. it zoomed past everyone in it’s first race. pam, adam, noah, and i were all so surprised we screamed. this is a big mistake at a cub scout race. everyone there is trying to look like it doesn’t matter to them, all the while they ae secretly sceaming to defeat all the other vehicles. the terrell family had such low expectations that the win caused us to forget our inhibitions and begin to loudly celebrate. after all we really figured this would be our only win, so we had to seize the moment. surely we had just been placed with all the bad cars and won by being the best of the worst.

nope, it turns out we were actually good. adam won the next four races and throughout those wins other people began screaming for the fast food racing down the derby track. it was really odd because adam started having other kids who had already raced or were waiting to race come up and tell him “i’m rooting for you.” the dog just kept on winning. it was like watching a sleek grey hound with mustard all over it streak down the track. it could not be stopped. before we knew it adam was in the final round and was set to race against the two other fastest cars in the district. the race was over 1/2 a second after it started. by then this piece of flying sausage had already taken the lead it would need to win. there was no contest. adam and the blazing frankfurter had won first prize in the district.

we were now excited because we had seen the other vehicles and we were convinced that adam’s hotdog would win either the “best design” or “judges’ favorite” categories. all the other cars looked like regular pine wood derby cars. nothing really interesting. it was going to be a double win for sure for the hotdog that we had expected nothing from. yet, it was not meant to be because apparently these judges really liked boring cars … maybe they were amish or something. they picked two other cars.

still it was a great day for packed meats.

btw, this entry makes the 100th entry in my blog. i would love to celebrate with you this wonderful moment. therefore, i am spinning around and dancing while i type this entry – actually spinning around and dancing then typing a little and then spinning around and dancing so more. please join me in this celebration by spinning around and dancing while you read this entry – or re-read it since this is the end of the entry.

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