the green hour

i’ve been sitting at home today all day long while it has rained outside. i’ve had to be at the house because i’ve been waiting for a fedex package to come. in order to pick up “fred” (see last entry) i have to have this package because it has my loan info. i had planned on doing yard work while i waited for the package but GOD decided that baton rouge needed to be watered – and of course HE was right. the city definitely needed the water because my grass is now smiling.

while i was sitting at home i did two things: 1) i watched two clint eastwood movies – a very good experience, 2) i perfected the art of being bored – a good experience because it’s always nice to perfect something but it was a tedious thing to accomplish. while i was perfecting the art of boredom i came to my blog multiple times, each time hoping that someone had posted a comment or maybe the system had crashed, or possiblly my system had been hacked into and someone had placed a picture of the head of arnold schwarzenegger on a dog or something else cool like that. then i would have had something to respond to, fix, or at least complain about. sometimes something breaking down is simply better than continuous nothing or monotony. but no, there was no evidence of a comment or even a croatician hacker having hit the blog.

so i decided that i would change the look of the blog. after all, the graphical content of this list of online ramblings should stand out and make a statement other than “reading this stuff is exactly as boring as this page looks.” it would be nice for the blog to at least look intriguing for the eastern european hacker that i keep hoping will deface my website. so i went on a mission to find a better style for the blog. unfortunately, what i found is that people actually expect me to know how to change the style on my own. apparently, everyone else who uses one of these things knows what they are doing and some how i have been collectively left out of the loop. the world is against me and doesn’t want me to have an graphically exciting blog to attract my arnold-buddy from the former soviet-blocked area to visit and destroy my site. nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think i’ll eat some worms…”

here’s where my begging comes in. if anyone from croatia visits here could you please help me make this blog look better before you demolish it to pay tribute to the “governator”? i would really appreciate some help in making the blog green or having a cool picture of my eyebrow at the top. any help would really appreciated.

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